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Everything about Total War Warhammer 2

Total War Warhammer 2

Total War Warhammer 2 is a turn based scenario and real time tactics video game developed by Creative Assembly. Further, published by Sega.


In the game, players motion armies over the map and manage deals in a turn-based scenario. Players fascinate in diplomacy with, and fight against, AI-controlled factions. When armies meet, a real-time battle happens. Those who own races from the first game will have the same races unlocked for multiplayer in the second game.

Things you should know before initiating with Total War Warhammer 2 –

  • Educate your army in custom battle -Its mandatory to have a short winning streak of battles to get a crusade off the ground. If you struggle to take your first territory, or do so too sluggishly. Hence, you risk falling behind in the grand race to manage the whirlpool.
  • Look past a crusade’s starting difficulty – In typical Total War fashion each campaign has a difficulty rank to let you know how tough that faction’s starting position is on the world map.
  • Examine which buildings you need to look out -Total War Warhammer 2 gangs need to construct buildings to unlock paths on the technology tree. 
  • Look out for corruption – Corruption is visible as a percentage value in each territory and you may even spot the land changing in appearance.
  • The Chaos invasions become strong hastily – In Total War Warhammer 2 the four crucial gangs are performing rituals. In order to influence the roaring whirlpool at the middle of the map.