Will Robert Downey Jr. Come To India? Know More Here!


Indian people from Team Stark left Robert Downey Jr assembled known as Iron Man overwhelmed. It was by their adoration when they collected in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru to meet their most loved superhuman right off the bat Sunday morning. Downey Jr, who has been playing the much-cherished character since 2008, was in live discussion with his Indian fans from Seoul.

Also, recently, he posted a video on his Instagram handle. The video comes just 5 days before the release of his latest film Avengers: Endgame. In the video, he can be seen dancing to some up-funk beats. You can check the post here.

He is presently advancing Avengers: Endgame in South Korea with co-stars Brie Larson, Jeremy Renner and executives Anthony and Joe Russo. The performer might be known for his clever comments. However, he was left stunned when his appearance on screen was met with stunning shouts of insane fans.

“You guys are just amazing fans. I can’t wait. I cannot believe I haven’t been to India. I’m coming there so damn soon,” the actor told close to 1,500 fans who gathered in the four metros to catch his glimpse.

Just four fortunate Marvel fan got the brilliant chance to put a question to their dearest hero. Furthermore, the actor was listening eagerly to them. Also, one of the fans inquired whether he could disclose some fun stories from the Endgame wrap party. The performer gave an enthusiastic reaction. He said the film entireties up all the great recollections the group shared throughout the years.



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