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Will Chris Hemsworth Be A Part Of ‘Jay and Silent Bob Reboot’?

In probably the most astonishing news today, Avengers: Endgame star Chris Hemsworth apparently has an appearance in Kevin Smith’s up and coming Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. The movie producer made the declaration before today in a long post on Instagram. Joking about Hemsworth’s vocation, Smith says he’s allowing the performer to use his reboot as a launching platform for his profession.

“Sometimes I like to highlight unknown actors in our industry – and I think this fresh face from young Hollywood might soon find fame and fortune on the Silver Screen!” Smith jokes. “He’s newcomer Chris Hemsworth and I’m predicting right here that Chris is gonna take Tinsel Town by storm one day! The boy is like a god who thundered down from another universe! But it’s not some kinda dark world because this guy is no black hat – he’s an artistic avenger who’s just looking to book his first gig on the way to his ultimate endgame: a S.A.G. card!”

“So I’m gonna take a chance on this up and coming charismatic kid from Australia and help him out on his star trek with a low key role in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot,” the director continues. “He’s a killer comedic actor but I keep telling him that the real money’s in Marvel Studios movies. In a just world, he’d get to at least screen test for them. Regardless, I’ll keep you posted on Chris’ Hollywood progress. He should go far, because Chris is a super nice charmer who’s crazy talented and incredibly generous with his time. If you can get past the guy’s unorthodox looks, you’ll find a whole Hems worth of raw, untapped talent!”

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