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Kvyat speaks about his awful first lap crash!

Kvyat awful first lap clash after making contact with the McLaren duo of Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris. Further, this has happened to Kvyat before! At the 2016 Chinese Grand Prix the German took exception to the Russian nimbling past him in the opening lap.

The Russian’s left rear tyre then ran over the front right of Sainz, pitching Kvyat into the air. However, before that he clashed into the sister McLaren of Lando Norris – who then had his own airborne action.

Further, after the race, an impervious Sainz told the media that more patience had been needed by his former Toro Rosso team buddy before the race.

“You have to be patient on lap one,” fumed Sainz, who suffered his third point-less Grand Prix of the year. “It’s a 56-lap race.

“I didn’t get the best of starts, for once, and I was P15, P14 after the six first corners, just trying to go around some corners, and just suddenly at the exit of Turn 6, someone didn’t like to go side-by-side, opened the wheel and created a bit of a melee.”

“I think it was definitely not fair,” said the Russian of the reprimand. “There was no penalty at all, not even close to drive-through, so I disagree with that.

“We will discuss with the stewards behind closed doors what their point of view on that was. I’m curious and I think I will definitely prove my point of view to them. It was a very usual lap one incident, just three cars in one corner exit, I left enough space for at least one of them.

“Honestly I feel I did everything absolutely right, so I feel not at fault at all.”

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