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SHOCKING: Exhumed Corpse Of Woman Sexually Assaulted

A family in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania is reeling from stun after the corpse of their relative was uncovered and exhumed Thursday night. Furthermore, it was discovered that her clothes were taken off.

Mercy Mkwaya Maramo, who until her demise was a staff member at Tanzania’s mining service, was exhumed early this week at Pugu-Mwakanga graveyard in Dar es Salaam.

On Thursday night, some unknown people exhumed Ms. Maramo’s grave. Furthermore, they proceeded to remove her corpse from the box and afterward took off her clothes.

As indicated by the perished’s sibling, Degratius Maramo, their sister’s corpse was explicitly disregarded, Global Publishers reported.

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Mr. Maramo said sperm follows were found around his sister’s privates.

Police are researching the peculiar incident that saw nothing stolen from the corpse.

This comes right after mosquito-borne dengue fever in the commercial capital Dar es Salaam and Tanga region breaks along the country. The Secretary-General also warned that Tanzania can fall into the clutches of mass protest. The country has to take rigid steps and decisions to strengthen the judicial backbone of the nation. Such incidents not only destroy the reputation of the country, but also causes unrest among the civilians.

The local police assured to take the incident seriously and come to a conclusion quickly.

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