Home Entertainment Check out what Una Healy thinks about his ex-husband!


Check out what Una Healy thinks about his ex-husband!

Una Healy Says Ex Ben Foden Is “Like A Stranger Now”. Further, she has “No Regrets” after their split in july 2018.
The artist appeared on Friday night’s Late Late Show. 
Una Healy explained, “I’m not here to dish the dirt and to say anything about my ex-husband Ben. But the song is clearly about him and the fact he’s like a stranger now.”

She continued, “The thing is I don’t regret ever meeting him because I would not have made those beautiful children if it wasn’t for him.

“I can never look back on it and say it was a mistake. But it’s just that part of the relationship is over.

“He’ll always be a father to the children. It’s difficult that he’s all the way over in New York at the minute.”

Foden in a recent interview said that his “life is a mess” after betraying her.

Una Healy added, “I’m in a much better place now than I’ve been in a long time now to be honest. I think it was probably going to come to an end at some point anyway.

“But that speeds up the process when you find out about someone being with someone else behind your back.”

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