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SHOCKING: Accountant Steals £170,000 From His Boss and check out where did he spend all his money!

An accountant who asserted he was tormented at work chose he would ‘go out with a bang’ by burning through £170,000 of his manager’s cash on a few days of cocaine and prostitutes.

Accounts employee Darren Carvill stole a sum of £260,000 from the vehicle overhauling chain Mr. Clutch. Furthermore, he wasted it all on drug-fuelled sex frolics with high-class escorts.

The clumsy 38-year-old accountant conceded nearly bankrupting Mr. Clutch by taking a fortune since he needed a ‘few days of madness.’

The head office worker was imprisoned for over two years in the wake of conceding 18 fraud charges.

Maidstone Crown Court heard Carvill, of Maidstone, Kent, recorded fake payments to himself in the wake of asserting he was tormented at work.

The fraudster said he suffered low confidence and ended up dependent on a night-life of high-class escort parties. He was encompassed by ‘spectacular’ people and drugs, which were believed to be cocaine.

A source disclosed to The Sun that Carvill went to a club in London called Platinum Lace.

The source said Carvill additionally used into a room at another club, ‘with three escorts, [where] they drank champagne and utilized cocaine,’ including: ‘Before the night’s over he had nine or ten escorts in with him.’

Carvill asserted that when he understood he would be caught he needed to ‘make a dramatic exit’. Therefore, he burned through tens of thousands in only one week, celebrating with whores and drugs.

He uncovered he did it since he was experiencing low confidence as his advocate James Ross told the court: ‘He has had a very unhappy life. For most of his life, he has been bullied.’

‘He has suffered from very low self-esteem and social awkwardness. He says he was a good employee and worked long hours and did good work.’

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