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12 Year Old Raped By Her Grandfather And Things Get Even Worse!

Brave Charlotte Wade, 22, is now ready to share her daunting story after suffering for years. Her step-grandfather raped her when she was 12.

She was raped and made pregnant by her step-grandfather was then given an abortion with a coat hanger. This kind of torture is beyond traumatizing.

Charlotte Wade thought that she was going to die and had never felt pain like it as twisted pedophile Raymond Hodges performed the abortion procedure when she was just aged 12.

Hodges was Charlotte’s step-dad’s father and he lived in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. He traveled 200 miles once a month to their home in Barry, South Glamorgan, to stay with them for a couple of weeks.

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Everything began in 2002 when he started kissing her. Step by step taking it to the next level ultimately leading to her being raped. He used to blackmail her and even recorded the assault. She felt helpless and couldn’t do anything.

She’s waiving her right to anonymity to shine a light on the horrific abuse she had undergone. In November 2016, the young woman finally found the strength to report him to the police. She is “slowly piecing her life back together”.

Hodges was convicted in July 2017 of a string of offenses against Charlotte, including rape, indecent assault and using an instrument to procure an abortion.

And it helps to know that he’s rotting behind bars and that my evidence helped to put him there,” she said.

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