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How are you celebrating your Record Store Day 2019?

Radio-Active Records in Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach are participating in this weekend’s Record Store Day 2019. The daylong celebration of analog heaven known as Record Store Day 2019. It will start spinning this Saturday, April 13, at South Florida record shops. It was created in 2008 to seize on the renaissance of vinyl collecting that swept the country a decade ago. Furthermore, this day also salutes the indie spirit of mom-and-pop.

To celebrate, record shops will throw music block parties. They will also offer exclusive releases and limited-edition singles, LPs and box sets. Altogether, more than 550 Record Store Day releases will hit the shelves. They will include titles from Aretha Franklin’s (“The Atlantic Singles 1967”) and Prince (“The Versace Album”), Bob Dylan (“Blood On the Tracks”) and Jeff Tweedy (“Warmer”). There’s also Mucky Mouse Disco album.

Besides colored vinyl, rare re-issues and boxed sets, expect to see some 3-inch records. To play those unusual records, Crosley has released a limited edition RSD3 Mini belt-drive turntable. The $69.95 Crosley RSD3 will be exclusive for this day, limited to participating retailers this weekend. Furthermore, if you’re new to vinyl collecting or your existing record player needs replacing, there are some great options at the Record Day Store 2019.

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