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Heard of Disney+ streaming platform yet?

Disney released new details on Thursday about Disney+, a family-friendly digital video subscription. This service will debut later this year and compete with Netflix. It will be a complete ad-free service. Disney+ is in a different situation. It’s sowing greenfield content in a well-plowed brandscape.

It will also include TV series from Disney and will feature programming from the Marvel superhero universe. Some of them are “Star Wars” galaxy, “Toy Story” creator Pixar animation and the National Geographic channel.

This new service could be, handled correctly: a built-out world. Imagine advance tickets going on sale for Captain Marvel 2, but a day earlier for the service’s subscribers. The network is already going to be full of documentary series about all of the sub-studios, from Pixar to Marvel. The pitched idea already seems successful and exciting. It’s just like cheaper entrance to the theme parks if you’re a subscriber.

In this respect, Disney+ might not be a Netflix-killer but an Amazon Prime-hunter. Netflix doesn’t have a world; Disney does. And Disney+ could be the door, with a subscription getting you past the bouncer.

The service will be available from November 12. It will cost $7 a month or $70 per year. it will provide fans with almost the entire Disneyome, a corpus of hundreds of movies.

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