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‘The Lion King’ Trailer Receives An Incredible Response

Disney studios has finally released the trailer of ‘The Lion King’. The film is a live-action remake of the iconic 1994 animated film. The trailer has already taken the internet by storm and received over 5 million views in just couple hours. The film is helmed by Jon Favreau and produced by Walt Disney Pictures.

The trailer begins with Simba and Nara treading into Uncle Scar’s region and Scar looks upon them. It says ‘Life is not fair while some are born to feast, others spend their lives in the dark begging for scraps.’ Scar tries to attack Simba with his troupe hyenas behind him. Mufasa teaches Simba the laws of the jungle and the true nature of the things while magnificent species appear close to him.

In the background, Mufasa voice plays in the background, “While others search for what they can take, a true king searches for what he can give.”

Next follows is the stampede that changes everything in the jungle. Scar warns Simba to not to return back to the jungle ever again. In the next shot, we see him all grown up with his best friends Timon and Pumbaa. The trailer ends with Timon and Pumbaa humming their favourite song ‘Hakuna Matata.’

The film will hit theatres on July 19, 2019.

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