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Kate Middleton and Prince William engaged!

Kate Middleton and Prince William are happily married since April 2011. Moreover, they are dating each other since 2003. However, their engagement was still a shock!

Shutterstock’s royal photographer Tim Rooke talked to HELLO! about the supersizing engagement. He explained: “When they announced the engagement of the Kate Middleton and Prince William, I don’t think we were expecting it. We found out at lunchtime and we were invited to St James’ Palace.”

Tim added: “Whereas with Kate and William I think we were expecting them to make an announcement. It was a much bigger photo call for Harry and Meghan, with 100 members of media there. It was outside too. I think we were expecting to be told and then we were just told to turn up at Kensington Palace.” Like with the procedure for photographing the arrivals of the royal babies, each photographer was given a number to assign them to a designated time to take their pictures. “We were given a bag of numbers and all the photographers and television crew had to take a number out of the bag and were allowed into the palace in the order of their number. So the lowest first and the highest last. It was just the fairest way of doing it.”

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