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Is Charlie Sheen all set in London?

Charlie sheen

Charlie Sheen says he “wants to do better.” Further, he is looking good and feeling great, he’s off to a great start.

The erstwhile “Two and a Half Men” celebrity was obvious and honest with fans during a Q&A game at called “A Night With…” at a club called Annabel’s in London. Drake and Katy perry are just two of the celebrities who have enjoyed at this private club.

According to Celebretainment, Charlie Sheen filled the audience during the Q&A, “Enjoy every moment. It can all vanish in a heartbeat or the absence of a heartbeat!”

Sheen lately lauded a year of being sober. Further,  said now he’s “just a guy who wants to do better for myself and those around me.”

He says he tells the youth to use him as an example for life advice, saying, “I tell them, ‘You have a guy in your life that has more knowledge on a lot of things than the average bear, so please access it.’”

Charlie Sheen has famously fought addiction over the years, and it was brought to the spotlight during his public meltdown on “Two and a Half Men.”

The artist had declared he was sober for 11 years. However, says he still consumes drugs and alcohol to cure his HIV disease.

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