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How Did Terry Gilliam Get His Don Quixote Movie Made?

Every single great thing comes to the people who wait. Furthermore, it also stands true for Terry Gilliam, the director of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote years back. The movie producer is behind works of art such as Brazil, Twelve Monkeys, and The Fisher King. He started shooting his epic, around as a self-absorbed director who believes he’s the true would-be knight, in 2000. Broadly and unfortunately, the production fell following six days of shooting. Furthermore, the insane conditions chronicled in the fine narrative of Lost in La Mancha.

Be that as it may, following quite a while of ups and downs, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote will now screen Wednesday night in theaters all over North America. It is courtesy of a one-night appearing by Fathom Events and merchant Screen Media. In this discussion with SYFY WIRE, the 78-year-old Gilliam describes the delights of his fantasy venture at long last being figured it out.

Terry Gilliam: Oh, yeah. It was an uphill fight. I had my doubts, but then very quickly those doubts would disappear because I’d bump into so many producers who were probably madder than Don Quixote. Having seen the documentary [Lost in La Mancha] about the 2000 movie with Johnny Depp that had failed, they were convinced they were the only producers who could make this film possible. And so, they would turn up and I would believe their version of what they thought could happen. And a year or two later, it would all collapse. They couldn’t provide the funding that we needed or anything. And then I would get up and go do another film. Then when I finished the other film, I’d come back and there’s Quixote still waiting there with somebody else thinking they could solve the problem.

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