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How Did Jennifer React To Alex’s Cheating Humors?

The power couple Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez recently got engaged. They had been dating for over 2 years before A-Rod popped the question.

During a stunning getaway to the Bahamas, the couple wasted no time to share their good news with the world. While thousands of people reached out to the couple and wished them well, there was one person who wasn’t excited. Jose Canseco, former Yankees player, started posting on Twitter, accusing Alex of cheating with Canseco’s ex-wife.

Jose claims Rodriguez allegedly started texting Canseco’s ex-wife, a “few months back”. This was not the first time Jose accused Alex. Jose also claimed about Rodriguez flirting with his wife even before they married. He also mentioned that he suspects Rodriguez of steroid abuse.

Up until recently, Lopez hadn’t spoken out about Jose Canseco’s cheating accusations. On 10th morning, on a radio show asked Jennifer about her views on accusations. She said that Canseco’s remarks, “don’t matter.” She stated that they both know what the truth is, and that they are completely at ease with each other since they both know what their relationship is.

There is certainly no evidence which shows Rodriguez cheating on Lopez. Most importantly, Rodriguez and Lopez seem to have no time for any accusations.

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