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Does ‘The Silence’ Make It Better Than ‘A Quiet Place’? Check out!

After the unprecedented success of Bird Box, Netflix released another post-apocalyptic thriller. Over the weekend, the streaming giant dropped the first trailer for their new movie. The Silence, and unlike Bird Box, you can actually see the monsters, which, judging by the first clip, are these hideously large bats.

If you thought the world was finished with horror films about one of your five senses, oh man! were you wrong. On Apr. 10, Netflix dropped The Silence. As the title suggests, the film deals a lot with sound. That may seem eerily similar to John Krasinski and Emily Blunt’s 2018 blockbuster. The streaming platform might be trying to channel the success of Bird Box. But it looks like The Silence isn’t living up to its Quiet Place comparisons.

Although The Silence and A Quiet Place are supposedly completely different films set in completely different universes. There are a few key similarities that will make horror moviegoers think twice. According to Netflix’s description of The Silence, the story focuses on a family. The family that is “under attack from terrifying creatures who hunt their human prey by sound.” The Netflix original also has a deaf character. It is played by Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s Kiernan Shipka. She is the one who knows sign language and gives her family an edge in a world. The world in which they need to live silently.

However, it may seem that The Silence is a rip-off of A Quiet Place. There are still a few differences that set the two apart. The Netflix film is ultimately “darker and gorier” than A Quiet Place. This pointing out that the newborn in the 2018 movie survived thanks to Emily Blunt’s character. While the baby in The Silence was eaten.

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