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Conflict between BDS and Madonna: Will Madonna cancel her performance?

Activists, celebrities and cultural figures from around the world are calling on pop star Madonna. This is to cancel her performance at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The 60-year-old is set to perform at the annual competition, to be held in Tel Aviv in May.
Moreover, the European Broadcasting Union confirmed the news, saying the performance was expected to cost about $1 million. It would be financed by billionaire businessman Sylvan Adams.

However, BDS activists have called on Madonna to cancel her appearance at the Eurovision Song Contest. In recent months there has been contact between the production of the European Song Contest and the Queen of Pop. This involving with anticipation that the singer will perform at the coveted event. Last night it was finally confirmed that the successful singer will appear in the artistic part. This will be on the final night of the competition on May 18. However, those against Israel they called Madonna to cancel her arrival.

Furthermore, activists of boycott organizations against Israel published various posts calling on the Madonna. The asked her to cancel her appearance at the event under the hashtag of #Boycotteurovision2019.

Moreover, the activists said, “Put off your appearance in Israel, the children of Gaza need your help.” It added, “Madonna, open your heart to the people of Gaza,” wrote one of the activists, chattering to Madonna’s song “Open you heart” and added, “Palestinians are being slaughtered by Israel for demanding the basic human rights of freedom and life.
The caption added a caricature of Madonna with leather boots and a mesh netting. As she stood next to a smiling Israeli soldier who was treading a Palestinian boy on a brown tear.

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