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Chris Lilley Gets Severely Criticized By His Fans. But Why?

Chris Lilley wears many hats. In 2007, Australia was introduced to Jonah Takalua from Summer Heights High. Then, in 2013, he captured the life of private school girls around the country as Ja’mie.

Now, Five years on, Chris Lilley has turned away from his infamous stage personalities. It turn to star as six eccentric new characters in a Netflix original called Lunatics. Australian comedian Chris Lilley has come under fire. This is for what looks like blackface in the trailer of his new Netflix series, Lunatics. The Summer Heights High star was also criticised for his use of blackface before. Also a certain character in Lunatics has already raised some red flags.

Moreover, The 10-part comedy series is also a documentary. In it, the characters played by writer and creator Lilley. The controversial character in question is Jana. According to Netflix it is a ‘South African lesbian and a pet psychic’. In the first-look footage and promotional materials, Jana has an Afro and speaks in a South African accent.

Almost immediately after the clip landed last night, one fan wrote on Twitter: ‘There is absolutely no way to justify blackface in 2019. F** Chris Lilley, and f** anyone who works with him.’ Rumours that the 44-year-old would be portraying a Rachel Dolezal style character. It have been circulating for a while.

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