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Charlie Sheen up for Two And A Half Men reboot

Charlie sheen

Charlie Sheen left Two and a half men back in 2011. However, he is back and wants to give the show the ending it deserves.

However, despite his exit, the series handled to continue for more than four years without Charlie Sheen.

Further, it turns out the 53-year-old would be up for making a reboot, and replaying his role Charlie Harper.

While conversing on Loose Women, the actor talked about the chances of a remake.

He said: ‘I think as long as everyone involved is alive and kicking then there definitely is a possibility.’

When asked if he’d be up for starring in the show again, he keenly answered: ‘Of course I would.

‘There is a trend towards reboots these days and I think that would be one that the focus might tune in for.’

Thinking about where they could take a remake, the star added: ‘And it doesn’t have to go on for another five years. ‘It would just be nice to do a couple of season and end it as it should have.’

Charlie Sheen also opened up about his ‘1.4 years’ of sobriety!

He said: ‘It is very surreal to this day, I’m not sure how I created such chaos and wound up in that head space.

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