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Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards on a vacation

denise and charlie

Denise Richards went on holiday with troubled ex-husband Charlie Sheen. Further, their two daughters and has regular dinners with him. Denise Richards said, “He will always be a big part of my life.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and the Two And A Half Men celebrity divorced in 2006. They were together for four years. Further, have two daughters: Lola (13) and Sam (15).

Charlie Sheen confessed he was infected with HIV positive back in 2015. Further, amid claims he had sex with a woman without admitting his seropositive.

Denise Richards, however, said he is still the father of her children, stressing that it’s important for divorced parents to put on a united front for their kids.

‘I mean he is the father of my kids, he always will be a big part of my life. You know, even though we are divorced we are still a family with our girls,’ she said.

Further Denise Richards added, ‘We definitely have had dinner with our kids a lot,’ she said, before adding, ‘We’ve gone on vacation in the past together.’

Moreover, now Denise tied the knot with her current husband Aaron Phypers, 46, last year, with her famously conducting the wedding in two days.

Denise exposed she asked Charlie for his blessing before going on the show.

‘I did talk to him about it, because as an actor in this business I respect his opinion,’ Denise said during the interview.

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