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What are Hellboy’s ‘Behind The Scenes’ Problems?

Neil Marshall’s Hellboy reboot movie isn’t getting a lot of love from the critics. They feel like it was a trial to make behind the scenes, too.

Neil Marshal is known for his movies Dog Soldiers, The Descent and some of Game Of Thrones’ best episodes. He repeatedly clashed with two of Hellboy’s producers throughout filming. This issue boiled over when they fired Marshall’s cinematographer Sam McCurdy.

“While my client will not comment on why Sam McCurdy was fired as that is a private matter. It was a group decision and it had  nothing to do with Mr. Levin sending any ‘message’ to Neil,” said Levin’s lawyer. He also suggested that Marshall was probably more than happy for these claims to be aired, indicating that it would become a nice “puff piece” for the director.

The issue doesn’t stop with McCurdy’s firing. Levin also apparently tried to be a co-director of sorts on the Hellboyset, cutting Marshall off when he was talking to the actors and dishing out alternate instructions.

Hellboy star David Harbour was noted to have “repeatedly walked off set” after Marshall wanted him to do more takes. However, the claim has been denied by Levin’s lawyer.

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