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Trumps’ New Order Shall Bring Complications. What is it?

It is estimated that on his trip to Texas, President Trump will make two announcements. Developers have been trying for six years to build a 124-mile natural gas pipeline from Pennsylvania to New York. Despite winning a federal approval in 2014, the project is still no closer to reality.

Enter President Donald Trump, who on Wednesday will issue two executive orders. This is to promote energy infrastructure, including projects like the long-stalled Constitution Pipeline. This is according to an administration official.

Moreover, the orders by Trump will direct federal agencies to make specific changes. This meant to remove bottlenecks to natural gas transport in the Northeast and streamline federal reviews. One of the border-crossing pipelines and other infrastructure.

Further, one of the orders by Trump seeks to short-circuit regulators in New York who have denied the planned pipeline a crucial permit. They are invoking their powers under the Clean Water Act to reject projects. The projects they deem a threat to water supplies and the environment.

However, The order will also call on the Transportation Department. Furthermore, the second executive order Trump will announce Wednesday. This is the order that streamlines the process for energy infrastructure that crosses international borders.

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