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SHOCKING: Justine Damond murder case takes an unexpected turn

Prosecutors may introduce body camera video as early as Wednesday. This in the trial of a former Minneapolis police officer who shot and killed an unarmed woman Justine Damond.

Was there a thump, or not? Did two officers in a dark Minneapolis alley have reason to fear for their lives, or not? Those crucial questions surfaced Tuesday during opening statements. This was in the trial of Mohamed Noor, the ex-Minneapolis police officer. The officer is charged in the shooting death of 911 caller Justine Ruszczyk.

Moreover, Noor’s lawyer argued the officer fired his weapon to protect his terrified partner. This is in an alley after seeing a figure by the driver’s side window of his police squad raise their right arm.

Calling it a potential “ambush scenario, a setup,” Peter Wold told jurors that Noor feared for his life and his partner’s life. This happened when they responded to a 911 call. Noor, he said, fired after his partner, officer Matthew Harrity exclaimed “Oh Jesus”. This is after hearing a thump or bang on the squad.

However, prosecutors argued that the thump was a story that was made up later. Also that no police at the scene that night talked about a thump on the squad. Assistant Hennepin County Attorney Patrick Lofton told jurors that experts will testify Justine Damond, who was in her pajamas. Furthermore, nobody considers her a threat.

Moreover, the prosecution also reported officers at the scene turned their body cameras on and off. This including the sergeant who took Noor’s statement, meaning there is no audio of that encounter, just silent video.

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