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Venezuela’s crisis need a full proof support

Currently, Venezuela is facing a serious humanitarian crisis. They require a full-scale United Nations response to address increasing levels of food insecurity and shortages of medicine.

Child malnutrition is widespread, according to the report by researchers at Human Rights Watch. The spread of vaccine-preventable diseases, such as measles and diphtheria are rising infant mortality at pace. They lead to an increase in the transmission of infectious diseases including malaria and tuberculosis.

President Nicolas Maduro’s government, which has called the aid effort part of an American bid to overthrow his regime. Human rights and aid groups have decried the politicization of food and medicine aid as millions of Venezuelans suffer.
To address the growing problem, the report calls on UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to publicly declare that Venezuela is facing a huge crisis. Furthermore, this would allow the world body to deploy its various agencies to provide more assistance to the Latin American nation.
International groups are increasingly seeking ways to bring aid to Venezuela through politically neutral channels. Red Cross will also begin distributing aid inside Venezuela to about 650,000 people. However, Maduro has sought to deny that Venezuela is beset by shortages and a broken health care system.
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