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Can Trump’s $4.75 trillion budget make him win?

The White House on Monday released a record size budget plan by Trump for fiscal year 2020. Tipping the scales at $4.75 trillion, it’s the biggest budget ask in history. Although it still manages to include plenty of discretionary. Also spending cuts guaranteed to get House Democrats steamed.

Moreover, Trump said in a statement accompanying the budget proposal “An amazing quality of life for all of our citizens is within reach.” He further added, “We can make our communities safer. Also our families stronger, our culture richer, our faith deeper, and our middle class bigger and more prosperous than ever before.”

Since Congress controls the federal purse-strings. Also, presidential budgets are always something of an exercise in branding. Also that goes double now that Democrats have control of the House of Representatives. But the proposal nevertheless gives us a glimpse into what the Trump administration sees. It saw as its top strategic priorities as re-election season starts to ramp up in earnest.

However, the new budget asks Congress to allot $5 billion in new funding for border wall construction. Alongside an additional $3.6 billion of military construction funds to be diverted to wall construction.

Moreover, the $5 billion ask is remarkable. Given it’s pretty much exactly the sum Trump spent months trying to extract from Pelosi and Co. already this year. The message is: Trump isn’t exactly prepared to take no for an answer here.

However, does this mean the president is tossing around the idea of forcing another government shutdown?  It’s still too early to say. But this budget ask is a quick and dirty way of reassuring the troops. This is that the president isn’t ready to let funding the wall drop as a legislative matter.

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