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Meghan is called over confident. Check it out who called her over confident.

Lady Colin Campbell is a royal biographer. She recently gave an interview about her opinions on Duchess Markle. Her opinions come as no surprise to those who followed Campbell’s prior remarks about Meghan. The remarks were also present on Facebook. However, this was after her involvement with the MTV show, The Royal Life.

Moreover, The TV show followed lesser-known royals for a summer of fun. The one included in the cast was Meghan’s nephew, Tyler Dooley. At the time, Colin encouraged Meghan to end the “regrettable” family feud. But after the first post, she posted a follow-up. This was noting that Meghan’s choice to exclude family members from the royal wedding violated a “well-established fact of civilized life.”

Furthermore, Lady Colin commented that Meghan is overconfident and superior to Prince Harry. She also that she should sometimes keep her mouth shut. Further, she added, “She should remember she’s not a political activist. There are many conservative people, all over the world, many religious people, who do not have these ‘woke’ and ‘right-on’ views.” When it comes to affirmations about being such a feminist – and ensuring her child is a feminist – perhaps Meghan should sometimes “keep her mouth shut”.

Moreover, she said, “For one thing, Meghan is in many ways Harry’s superior – she’s more intelligent, more together, and more strong-willed.” Indeed, Harry is regarded as somewhat under the thumb of his wife. The one who has allegedly imposed vegetarianism and an end to huntin’-shootin’-fishin’ traditional aristocratic pastimes. Yes, Harry is the subservient partner, says this royal biographer, although he still shoots a little – when his wife is not around.”


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