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A mother describes her daughter’s ‘uncombable hair syndrome’

Wynter Seymour, 7, appeared on This Morning to talk about her ‘uncombable hair syndrome’ with her mother Charlotte. It is said that Albert Einstein had the same disease.

This syndrome is expected to happen to just 100 people in the world. Its symptoms are dry, frizzy hair that cannot be combed flat. Hair often appears wiry or matted, and impossible to comb out.

Wynter Seymour has had a bizarre hair history of uncombable hair syndrome. When she was born she had black hair. After it went straight and blonde when she aged two. Then a year later it went ‘crazy’.

Charlotte told Holly and Phil: “Albert Einstein supposedly had uncombable hair syndrome, so you’re obviously going to be a genius. He had the condition.”

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She added, “It’s a little bit like Afro-Caribbean hair, but however it is slightly different. It’s a bit unmanageable compared to their hair. So we’ve gone down that route with Afro-Caribbean hair products and still, nothing has worked.”

“Supposedly when they hit puberty it’s meant to lessen but there are people out there where it hasn’t got any better. So it’s meant to. We’re hoping so aren’t we?”

Charlotte admitted the condition is self-diagnosed through Google and said her GP had never heard of it. But let’s hope it gets better with age.


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