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5 Facts To Take Care Before Proof Reading With Grammar Checkers!!

Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation are the backbone of the English language. No matter how proficient you are in the English language while writing lengthy or bulk contents, some amount of grammatical, spelling or typing error is inevitable.

In such cases, Grammar Checkers serves as the best solution as it helps to spot out and correct grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors instantly. Grammar checkers are great editing tools but along with that, there are some facts that you should remember while using a grammar checker. Let’s dive into details.  

  1. Check Reliability

There are plenty of free online grammar checkers out there but, not all of them are reliable. Before you choose one, spend some time researching for a reliable tool. For-ex- Grammarly; It is one of the finest and trustable grammar checking tools to instantly help you with grammar correction, punctuations, spellings, plagiarism detection, and sentence style enhancement. It has a free version for quick grammar, spelling, punctuation and plagiarism check and a premium version for style enhancement and vocabulary development. You can take the 7 days Grammarly Premium free trial to have a demo of its advanced features.

  1. Don’t rely only on software Proofreading

Grammar checkers are no doubt amazing proofreaders but, they miss out certain things. For-ex- In a sentence, if you make typing errors like- ‘you’ where ‘your’ should be used or ‘t’ where ‘to’ should be used, grammar checkers often fail to detect it. It will show your text grammatically correct while these are big mistakes and can degrade the quality of your content. So, even after your grammar checker software corrects the spelling and grammatical errors, manual proofreading is must no matter how lazy you feel to do it.

  1. Grammar Checkers are not mind-readers
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Don’t just blindly copy your text in grammar checkers, correct the mistakes and paste it back in your content to make it ready for publishing. Concentrate on each and every word in a paragraph to make sure they are placed perfectly. Grammar checkers are just automated software running on an algorithm to detect and correct your mistakes. It cannot read your mind and might give some suggestions which are grammatically correct but not suitable for your content.  So, read out words while proofreading in grammar checkers.

  1. Detect content originality with 100% accuracy

Plagiarism of duplicity is unacceptable for any content. Your content should have 100% originality without being copied from anywhere. Grammar checkers are excellent to help you detect plagiarism by revealing the copied source which otherwise would have impossible to detect. Grammar checker websites like- Grammarly, Whitesmoke are very helpful in running an in-depth analysis of content originality by revealing the duplicate source. Again for plagiarism checking also, go for the reliable source as many grammar checkers fail to give an accurate report.

  1. Be careful with Punctuations

Grammar Checkers are great for correcting your wrong punctuations but many times it fails to detect places where you should use punctuation. For-ex- if you write the sentence- ‘Not only she ate her ice-cream but also took one for her sister’; you will find the grammar checkers showing it as error free. But if you look carefully, the sentence ‘Not only she ate her ice-cream but, also took one for her sister’ is the correct form. The small (,) after ‘but’ is not suggested by grammar checkers. So, these are the small things you need to concentrate on while using automated grammar checkers.

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