Sandra Oh makes her hosting debut in Saturday Night Live


This weekend’s new Saturday Night Live episode is being hosted by none other than Sandra Oh. She is someone worthy of all of the hype and the world and then some. The Killing Eve star is a fantastic actress. Also, we’ve seen enough from her at various awards shows to know that she can also be incredibly funny.

Moreover, in the last weekend’s show, the best part of was basically seeing three different versions of the same thing. The versions were: Robert De Niro as Mueller, Aidy Bryant as William Barr, and then Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump. The joke was funny at first, but it gold old fast. This is a reason that the audience is glad that the show moved on to other subjects.

Further, Sandra opened her show with a discussion about her being Canadian,. She having Asian parents who don’t really watch the show. And also being super-polite and not knowing how to take compliments. It wasn’t drop-dead funny, but she was likable. It was like getting in and out fairly quickly.

However, the best sketch of the night was at this point when the duel come. This was mostly because it was a weird and wonderfully-paced spoof of old-school duels. The one that you often see in classic movies. We learned the rules of the duel, that bullets can ricochet in all directions. And of course that Sandra Oh can apparently be shot four times. But she still be okay on the other side. Or consider at least she was until she got shot clean into the water by mistake.


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