LGBTQ Acceptance honoured in 30th Annual GLAAD Awards


The 30th Annual GLAAD Awards respect media for their accurate, fair, and comprehensive portrayal of the LGBTQ people group.

It was a night of festivity including Beyonce and Jay-z. They got the Vanguard grant given to media experts who essentially advance acceptamce and equality.

“I want to dedicate this award to my Uncle Johnny, the most fabulous LGBTQ man I’ve ever known and I ever knew, who helped raise me and my sister. He lived his truth and he was brave and unapologetic during a time when this country wasn’t as accepting,” Beyonce said during her acceptance speech.

The yearly occasion occurred around the same time that performer George Clooney called to blacklist a few lodgings. They were possessed by the Sultan of Brunei. It is because Brunei will begin to whip and stone to death its gay individuals.

“I’d like to just say to the people of Brunei that we are with you and that you are part of our community and our family and we love you and that we stand tall for you. And just do what you have to do to stay alive,” said Lea DeLaria from “Orange is the New Black.”

Filipino-American individuals from the LGBTQ people group were also there. Furthermore, their works were selected for the current year call for LGBTQ acknowledgment.

“You know one of the subjects in the film says that in the Philippines, there’s a lot of cultural acceptance. It is of trans individuals but maybe not political. I think it’s really terrible that the Trump administration does not want to acknowledge these people. They are limiting their rights. However, to be quite honest it’s one of the many things that the Trump administration is doing.” said PJ Raval, a GLAAD nominee for “Call Her Ganda.”


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