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IOWA House restores voting rights to felons

Iowa House approved a resolution to restore the voting right to felons who complete their sentence. It might seem strange but the measure passed the Republican majority chamber 95-2. This was a result of strong support of Governor, Kim Reynolds.

“Today’s strong bipartisan vote is a victory for Iowans who deserve a second chance,” Reynolds said in a statement following the vote. “There’s a broad coalition of supporters behind this constitutional amendment. I will continue working with members of the Iowa Senate to move the process forward.”

Although there are contrasting views with this decision. “I do not believe rapists, child molesters or murderers should ever have those rights back,” Rep. Bobby Kaufmann said.

Iowa, Kentucky and Virginia are the only states where the governor has sole discretion over whether or not to restore individual voting rights to convicted felons. About 52,000 people in Iowa currently can’t vote because of a felony conviction.

“I don’t believe that voting rights should be forever stripped, and I don’t believe restoration should be in the hands of a single person,” Reynolds said. “Those who complete their sentences shouldn’t have to wait for anybody’s say before they get that dignity back,” she added.

The process has begun organically but let’s see how the elections take turn.

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