PM Modi Talks About Surgical Strikes On Land, Sky And Space At Meerut Rally


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday alluded to Mission Shakti. It happens a day after India shot down a live satellite in space. This happened at an election rally in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut. It was to attest that he has driven a “decisive” government at the Center over the most recent five years.

“Zameen ho, aasmaan ho ya phir antariskh, surgical strike ka saahas aapke is chowkidar ne dikhaya hai. (This chowkidar has shown the courage to carry out the surgical strike, be it on land, in the sky or space),” said PM Modi as he kick-began election rally in this western Uttar Pradesh district.

PM Modi focused on past routines at the Center. Furthermore, he said that the administrations in the past only believed in mottos as opposed to “taking right choices” to guarantee wellbeing and security of the country. “Nation has seen many governments that raised slogans. It has for the first time seen a government that takes prompt decisions,” he said.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister attacked Congress president Rahul Gandhi and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. It was after they condemned declaration of effective dispatch of anti-satellite rocket on Wednesday.

Gandhi, while attacking PM Modi after he declared achievement of Mission Shakti in a broadcast address to the country, had wished him “Happy Theater Day”. Then again, Banerjee had considered PM Modi’s declaration as “boundless show”.

In his rebound, PM Modi stated, “They got confused A-SAT with set used in theatres. Whether we should cry or laugh at their intellect for confusing space mission with theatre.”



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