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Kerala women turned his husband’s passport into a grocery list, which got viral!

In a recent incident, a woman in Kerala turned his husband’s passport on the grocery list. A video is getting viral over Whatsapp. In the video, a man can be seen showing an old passport that belongs to his dad. On all over the passport, his mother wrote down all the grocery list.


However, the savage mom also turned down his father’s passport into the phone directory. The mom turned down his husband’s old passport into the phone directory. The last page is converted into a grocery list.

Moreover, old passports are as important and new ones. It’s really not a good idea to defile it by saving phone numbers in it.

Not only this incident, during ‘man ki bat’ of Narendra Modi, but a mom also complains about pub g. The online multiplayer game has been a big hit among mobile gamers. And it has become so popular that even Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is well aware of it. While listening to a woman talking about her son’s online gaming addiction at Pariksha Pe Charcha, Modi asked her: Yeh PUBG waala hai kya, drawing cheers and applause from the audience.

Then he added that it not PUBG, the addiction must be fuelled by Fortnite, another wildly popular game

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