Chris Gayle is not campaigning for BJP

Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle is not campaigning for BJP. A picture of Gayle created this nuisance on various social media platforms.

Chris Gayle has neither joined nor he is campaigning for the BJP ahead of Lok Sabha Elections.

First off, there is no actual news reports declaring that Chris Gayle would campaign for BJP before Lok Sabha Elections.

Deciding by seeing various pictures and tweets about him is utter nonsense. People are just tweeting and posting pictures as a joke. However, some people are declaring that Chris Gayle is campaigning for BJP.

The pictures used with the captions “Gayle Campaigning for BJP” are very old and clicked during different occasions. Further, these pictures have nothing to do with BJP.

Ethnic clothing brand Manyavar shared this photo in April, 2018 with a caption, “Check out Kings XI Punjab superheroes looking fabulous in our latest collection. Share with us your favorites.”

In the picture Gayle tweeted, the saffron stole he could be seen wearing does not have BJP credentials on it. The exact picture when shared along with the wrong accusation that he has joined BJP, comes with two BJP symbols on the stole. It is understood that all these are digitally-manipulated images.

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