Rashida Tlaib claims for Trump’s Prosecution

Rashida Tlaib

Rashida Tlaib continues claims on Trump’s Prosecution and state’s he is the most dangerous peril to the Democracy.

Moreover, special Counsel Robert Mueller has declared there was no conspiracy with Russia.

The novice Democrat who caused chaos is not backing down and is hunting for assistance from her fellow people. Further, to find a solution in order to start the prosecution process.

Rashida Tlaib avowedly began publishing a letter, after Attorney General William Barr issued an analysis of Mueller’s findings. Further, she advised others to assist the attempt to examine Trump’s “prosecution actions” following his opening in 2017.

“However, the most dangerous threat to our democracy is President Trump’s actions since taking the oath of office,” she continued.

“The fact that President Trump has yet to comply with various clauses of our U.S. Constitution sets a dangerous precedent. Much of the allegations have yet to be fully investigated by this body who also took an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution.” – Rashida Tlaib.

She added: “I urge your support in recommending that the House Committee on Judiciary begin hearings. Further, take depositions and issue subpoenas to answer this question that is fundamental to the rule of law and the preservation of our democracy.”

#MuellersReport did NOT investigate bigotry emanating from the Presidency harming our country. The findings do NOT negate the President’s bigotry. As long as bigotry influences the President’s policies, I will continue to seek his impeachment. #Impreachmentisnotdead. – Congressman Al Green tweeted.





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