No Marvel/DC rivalry, says Shazam! Producer Peter Sarfan


James Gunn being reinstated at Disney is proof there is no rivalry between the DC and Marvel Studios. This comes after Gunn collaborated with DC for Suicide Squad and with Marvel for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.


The so-called rivalry has been called “bull****” by Peter Safran, the director of Shazam! People now are more invested in comic book characters than ever.


The rise of these corporations as dominant has led to a belief that they are always competing.


But Safran has called out this pseudo war since both these comic book giants keep to their own lanes.


He says the rivalry is more specifically between fans, and mostly, counterproductive. While the online rivalry does not seem to slow down, the directors of both universes have no problems with their friends at the others’ HQ.


People think that creatives can only work for either Marvel or DC. But this thought does not even cross the Universes’ minds. For a long time, artists, producers, directors, and other staff have been working at both places in harmony.


Sarfan believes that what unites comic book fans is much greater than what divides them.


This Marvel/DC rivalry might be a good PR tool but that’s about it. He says to not take it too seriously and enjoy both these Universes.


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