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India has become a space super-power, says PM MODI

India has become a space super-power, says PM MODI

India became a “space superpower” when it successfully shot down a low-orbiting satellite. This was done in a missile test that puts the nation in an elite league of countries. 

The message was delivered by PM Modi said on a broadcast on television and radio, and a Facebook Live addressed to the people on Wednesday.

Since then, the Facebook Live titled “An important message to the nation. Watch.” has been streamed over 960k times and has been shared on the platform over 23,000 times.

The viral video on the Prime Minister’s verified account talk about how it is a moment of pride and honour.

It also said that only Amerca, Russia, and China had this ability before India.

He congratulated the scientists on the team of Mission Shakti who made this possible.

Destroying a live satellite in space is a landmark breakthrough for the nation.

The PM addressed the people and talked about how we can not only defend ourselves on land, in water, and in the air, but also in space.

This discovery and advancement would lead to increased safety and defence capabilities for the country.

The almost 10-minute long video talked about a variety of aspects and how this move would help us as a nation.

It is indeed a moment of pride as we move one step closer to a safer country for our people! What do you think?


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