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Former foreign secretary will be requiring a public vote for deal

According to a new move, now former foreign secretary will need a public vote for the deals with EU. British members of parliament are to begin voting on alternatives to withdrawal agreement with the European Union. This is on Wednesday. This is because the prime minister struggles to keep control of the Brexit process and her own party.
However, Lawmakers voted on Monday to take control of the parliamentary process. Amid disagreement over how the country should deliver on the result of the 2016 Brexit referendum. This is when 52% of voters opted to leave the bloc.

Moreover, Two ministers who resigned from the government on Monday night to back moves for parliament. This will be to take control of the Brexit process have said MPs are likely now to move towards a softer deal. Also called a referendum.

Further, Steve Brine, the former health minister was among three to resign their posts. However, He is also the one rebel against the government. Moreover, he said that he believed both revoking article 50 and a second referendum were now on the table.
Brine said he believed the prime minister’s deal was still “best of the options” but said that Conservative colleagues should realise “anything from here, as far as they are concerned, gets softer in terms of Brexit”.

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