Elementary School Student Died in a classroom fight

Elementary school

Elementary school student airlifted to a Charleston Hospital after classroom fight has died, deputies confirm.

Deputies are investigating a fight between two students. Further, one student sent to the hospital just after the fight.

Colleton County Sheriff’s assistant Shalane Lowes declared the child’s death. However, he did not gave any information as to the cause alleging the open-ended inquiry.

Coroner Richard Harvey did not publish the child’s name or the cause of death. Further, he said an postmortem will be done but did not declared the date.

The student was wounded on Monday during what the authorities called a fight in the classroom at Forest Hills Elementary School.

Moreover, Colleton County deputies assured they were investigating a fight between two students.

Colleton County School District assistant Sean Gruber declared Monday one student was disbanded. Further, he could not remark on any wounds.

The Colleton County School District stated on Tuesday it is cooperating with the law enforcement in the investigation.

The case is critical and it will need time for our experts to give out more results. So, be patient all the other information will be provided to you soon enough. Further, the student will get justice.

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