Complications From Flu Leave A Little Girl Fighting For Life


Layla Lynn Thomas has always been a sound young girl. However, just as many other little kids, she became ill due to complications from flu. “It was a low-grade fever that kind of went up and down,” said Jessica Kile, Layla’s aunt. “It was nothing that we haven’t seen before.”

Kile said Layla’s mother Victoria Aubuchon took her to the pediatrician last Monday and was then sent home. Hours after that, Layla’s temperature surged up to 107 degrees. Her mother immediately called an ambulance. She went to a medical clinic in Belleville and after that transferred to St. Louis Children’s Hospital. She has been there throughout the last nine days.

“Her little body is just trying to fight everything right now,” Kile said.

Doctors analyzed and diagnosed Layla with necrotizing encephalitis. Furthermore, she will be turning to turn 3 next week. Her cerebrum is inflamed which is a very uncommon and rare condition. Moreover, it can be a complication from seasonal flu, which Layla tested positive in the emergency clinic.

“I don’t think we know exactly how that happens, whether it’s a direct result of the virus or an immune response to the virus that causes encephalitis after influenza. we know it can occur, but rarely,” said Dr. Rachel Orscheln.

Dr. Orscheln isn’t treating Layla however said intricacies from this season’s cold virus will in general effect individuals with a weak immune.

“The flu shot isn’t perfect, but it reduces the risk you will have complications, be hospitalized or die from influenza,” Dr. Orscheln said.

Layla got her influenza shot, so her family is attempting to understand how she became so ill so rapidly.

“We want to make parents aware this is a possible complication,” Kile said.

Layla’s family said their daughter is brave and tough, regardless of the odds.



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