Brunei makes homosexuality punishable by stoning and whipping to death causing international uproar.


Brunei has long been known for its strict Sharia Law. Here, homosexuality is a punishable offence with 10 years in prison.

With new laws coming in effect, homosexuals could be stoned or whipped to death. Muslims engaging in same-sex relationships, sodomy, and rape could be brutally executed.

These laws have been described has inhuman and brutal. The people are calling for international pressure on the nation urging them to not implement these strict anti-LGBTQ+ laws.

Amnesty International has condemned these laws and labelled them as ‘vicious’. This law is set to be implemented starting next week, causing an uproar globally to fight for LGBTQ+ rights.

Apart from this, the country also plans to set amputation as punishment for theft and robbery.

This law was also labelled a “deeply flawed piece of legislation” that was discreetly notified on the attorney general’s website.

These extremist measures have been adopted by the Asian Sultanate, making it the first country in Asia to punish homosexuality with death.

International organisations have called to slam such actions, asking the Sultan (Monarch) of this oil-rich nation to get laws in adherence with the international standards of human rights laws.

However, Some of these punishments listed are for things that should not even be considered crimes in the first place.

Moreover, This rule coming into effect will cause a gross violation of basic human rights. With this, Brunei will become one of the conservative Arab states like Saudi Arabia and Yemen, where similar laws are in place.

Moreover, Do you think Brunei should halt the implementation of this law? Let us know below!


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