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‘Smart Fence’ Project Initiated Along Indo-Pak Border

‘Smart Fence’ Project Initiated Along Indo-Pak Border

India’s first ‘smart fence’ pilot venture will be propelled by Home Minister Rajnath Singh. Furthermore, it will be launched in two 5-km patches along the Indo-Pak border on Monday. It involves conveying laser-actuated fences and technology empowered barriers to plug vulnerable holes along boondocks,

Mr. Singh will head out to a forward zone in Jammu to introduce the driven venture. Moreover, it will act as a component of multi-day-long visit, a senior authority said.

The innovation is being actualized by the Border Security Force. The senior authorities of the paramilitary will display an exhibit of the enactment. Furthermore, it will include the reaction mechanism of the ‘smart fence’ before the home minister, he said.

“Smart fencing uses a number of devices for surveillance, communication and data storage.”

“Sensors like thermal imagery, underground sensors, fiber optical sensors, radar and sonar will be mounted on different platforms like aerostat, tower and poles as part of the smart fence,” he added.

The new framework accommodates nonstop reconnaissance on the border. Furthermore, it offers safety in various climate conditions be it dust tempest, haze or heavy rain, the authority said.

Chief General KK Sharma had before said such gadgetry will be conveyed along 2,400 km of India’s outskirt with Pakistan and Bangladesh later on.

Part of the comprehensive integrated border management system (CIBMS), the initiative is proposed to be sent at these two borders by the administration as a major aspect of its decision to totally seal the two outskirts to stop the invasion and unlawful migration.

The ‘laser fence’ and different contraptions have been coordinated and a CCTV-like feed will be given to a BSF post with the goal that prompt move can be made against any interruption or invasion endeavor, the authority said.


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