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R Kelly’s concert booking denied by Dubai Government

R Kelly’s concert booking denied by Dubai Government

The Dubai government provided an announcement Sunday denying that R. Kelly had booked shows in the United Arab Emirates city, as his legitimate group guaranteed.

“Authorities in Dubai have not received any request for a performance by singer R Kelly nor are there any venues that have been booked,” the administration’s Dubai Media Office stated, including that Kelly “has not been invited by the Dubai royal family for a performance.”

The uncommon articulation from the Dubai Media Office comes days after Kelly’s legal counselors recorded a movement. Moreover, they were looking for authorization for the monetarily agitated vocalist to make a trip to Dubai by means of a personal jet to perform shows and meet the sheikdom, the Associated Press reports; as a feature of Kelly’s $1 million safeguard understanding, he turned over his visa.

“R Kelly has a job that requires he be allowed to travel,” the recording said. “He cannot work, and consequently cannot making a living if he is confined to Illinois or even the United States.”

Following the Dubai government’s forswearing, Kelly’s legal counselor Steve Greenberg cleared up the points of interest of the documenting and reasserted that Kelly had designs to perform in Dubai.

R. Kelly has a contract with a legitimate promoter. Furthermore, any information included in his motion to travel was from that contract. Moreover, a copy was provided to the prosecutor,” Greenberg said in an announcement to Rolling Stone.

Legal counselor Michael Avenatti tweeted after the Dubai government’s announcement, “I can’t hold on to perceive what R. Kelly’s clarification is for the through and through deceives the court, the media and general society. Each sign is that he manufactured the shows in Dubai and the gathering with the Royal family trying to escape the nation.”


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