MKR’s most mysterious moment yet ?

Victor Aeberli

MKR’s most mysterious moment yet ? As Victor Aeberli twirls a knife at the table before a thrilling take-off.

The knives are out in the forthcoming episodes of ‘My Kitchen Rules,’ and we mean that precisely.

A new clip for the Super Dinner Parties shows Victor Aeberli flaunting some ‘intimidating’ act as watchers have put it.

The suspenseful clip opens with the 28-year-old stabilizing the pointed item on the edge of his finger while the other contestants watch on.

“He’s about to snap,” reads a big caption highlighted across the screen, before we finally watch Victor speak.

Wearing a unique dyed shirt in the next part, which signifies this is from a different dinner party to the one before. However, Victor is then observed feeling irritated with the other contestants.

Further, his partner-in-crime ‘G’ is seen following him outside. Before fellow contestant and rumoured love interest, Piper O’Neil, also walks outside to find him.

“Can we just get on with this?” judge Manu Feildel is then heard speaking before villains Josh and Austin Bonwick walk out to take the outcomes for their cooking.

“Victor and G are gone,” Manu then says while footage of Victor and G walk off.

“I don’t know what you mean,” another voice, presumably Pete Evans’, says.

“They’re out… they’re, they’re gone,” Manu responds.

This makes for some very thrilling MKR viewing, and fans have already responded to the shocking clip on social media.


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