Dr. Dre got his Instagram post backfired


Andre Young aka Dr. Dre recently uploaded a picture on Instagram along with his daughter. He captioned it saying his daughter Truly Young just got into the University of Southern California “all on her own.” He later added “No jail time!!!!”

His intentions were to signalize all the celebrity parents who pay hefty bribes for their children’s admission. One of these parents include like Lori Loughlin who got busted.

It was later revealed that Dre and his producer Jimmy Lovine had donated whopping $70m to USC in 2013. They paid it to create the Jimmy Lovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation. They also have a campus building named after them. The school hailed them at the time as “forward-thinking visionaries.”

USC is one of the universities that was allegedly targeted in the recent scandal. Although there is no suggestion that any of the colleges themselves were involved in the alleged cheating scam. However, donations to colleges are obviously not illegal.

Former USC President CL Max Nikias at the time of the donation six years ago has said the following. “The vision and generosity of Jimmy Lovine and Andre Young will profoundly influence all of us. The way in which perceive and experience artistic media,”

However, he deleted the post Sunday after backfire.


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