Cathy opens up about her marriage


Sex being such a wide array of possibilities cannot be limited to only one syntax. One such example is Thomas, Nicole and Cathy. They were in a three-way relationship for a year.

Cathy and Thomas were married with a kid for 9 years. Cathy said that they reached a point when both started to find other people attractive. They were one of many polyamorous couples pursuing ethical non-monogamy. Cathy and Nicole had many relationships before Nicole came along.

Keen said, “Opening up our marriage ― and seeing Nicole ― has galvanized our relationship.” “Monogamy is wonderful when you first meet someone, but we feel that relationships always change over time. And being open allows us to accommodate this.”

Soon after Nicole spending nights with couple, she moved in. She met him through work and then she introduced her to Thomas. Cathy believes having another woman allows her to experiment with her queerness. For Thomas, he was more dominant in his relationship with Nicole and more submissive in his relationship with Cathy.

Cathy said, “He brought out different sides of Thomas and me, both inside and outside of the bedroom.”

However, Nicole recently left this relationship to date someone else exclusively, though she still lives with the couple right now.


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