Mark Latham’s homecoming into the politics


Mark Latham, 58 secures an NSW Upper House seat for One Nation as he re-enters politics after 14 years. He is said to be Australia’s most divisive political figures, outspoken former federal Labor leader.

Mr. Mark Latham joined politics back in 1994 and won NSW federal seat of Werriwa. Mr. Latham left the party and politics in 2005, saying his health was poor.

Mr. Latham told Channel Seven.
“We only ran in 12 Lower House seats so I’m keen to see what happens in the Legislative Council,” “At the moment we are tracking towards two quotas [Upper House seats]. And when the metropolitan numbers are counted in the Legislative Council they are pretty encouraging.”

Furthermore, there are 21 seats at play this year in the NSW Legislative Council. This means candidates must only win 1/22 of the vote, or 4.55 percent to gain a seat. Just over 46.1 percent of the votes for the Legislative Council were counted. However, out of which only four of 21 seats were left in doubt. There was about 13 percent of votes in the “others” category.

In announcing his candidacy, Mr. Latham addressed various aspects. They included identified immigration, congestion, overdevelopment and electricity prices. He has also proposed cutting Australia’s immigration rate.

The start so far has been great, the people will really look up to his political views.


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