Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Movement (JKPM) not to contest Lok Sabha elections

Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Movement

Former IAS officer Shah Faesal has made a big statement on Saturday. He said his recently formed party, Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Movement (JKPM), will not contest the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. Although, asked the people to vote in large numbers for electing the “right candidates”.

“We have had several meetings of the core group of our party over the past few days and we have decided that we will not contest the Lok Sabha elections this time,” Faesal told reporters here. The main reason for not participating in the elections was to focus more on the mass contact programme.

“The unanimous view was that we are a party still in the stages of infancy and that we should also focus on mass contact programme. This was also our response to those elements who were accusing us of being stooges of the Center for dividing votes in the current elections,” he said.

Furthermore, he added that the party or candidates the JKPM cadres will support will be communicated soon. He urged people to come out in large numbers to participate in the democratic process.

“Whether there is boycott or not, elections will be held and people will be elected to Parliament. So, people should take part in the democratic process so that the right candidates are elected,” he added. He also condemned the death of a school teacher allegedly in police custody.

“The erring police officials should be arrested and tried. Ultimately, we feel that only a judicial inquiry can unravel the truth behind the death of Rizwan (Pandit),” he said.

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