Barbra Streisand faces criticism after showing disrespect for Michael Jackson accusers


Barbra Streisand trusts the sexual-misuse charges made against individual genius artist Michael Jackson, however, she says she feels frustrated about Jackson, as well.

Her remarks have drawn online kickback.

In a wide-extending meeting distributed Friday by The Times of London, Streisand says she trusts the allegations made by Wade Robson, 36, and James Safechuck, 40, in the ongoing HBO narrative, “Leaving Neverland.”

“Oh, absolutely. That was too painful,” says Streisand, who told the paper she met Jackson two or multiple times and turned down his solicitation for a two part harmony of “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You.” “He was exceptionally sweet, extremely innocent.”

Gotten some information about the injurious conduct affirmed in the narrative, Streisand says: “His sexual needs were his sexual needs, originating from whatever youth he has or whatever DNA he has.”

“Discovering Neverland,” a narrative film around two young men who blamed Michael Jackson for sexual maltreatment, debuted at Sundance Film Festival on Friday.
“You can say ‘molested’, but those children, as you heard say, they were thrilled to be there. They both married and they both have children, so it didn’t kill them.”

Barbra Streisand says she has a blend of sentiments about the circumstance. “I feel bad for the children. Furthermore, I feel bad for him. I blame, I guess, the parents, who would allow their children to sleep with him.”

The hotshot has since confronted online reaction for her remarks.
Alexander W. McCall tweeted,”Barbara’s comments on Michael Jackson’s accusers are … outrageous and perplexing to say the very least,”
Anthony King likewise tweeted :”Shame on you @BarbraStreisand for disrespecting the victims of child rape. Low class, dismissive and a shocking trivialisation. To speak up for a child abuser… I expect it from the deranged MJ fans but not from you, who should know better.”


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