Rep. Steve King disparages Katrina Flood Victims


At a town lobby on Thursday, racial oppressor Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) guaranteed he was informed that New Orleans flood victims only ever requested help. They were not at all like Iowans who “deal with one another.”

King was tending to a room of constituents in Iowa when he talked about the staggering flooding. The whole way across the Midwest has seen it, including into King’s state. King also made a visit to New Orleans 2005. King claimed that somebody with the Federal Emergency Management Agency revealed to him an anecdote. It was about the distinction between individuals in Iowa and individuals in New Orleans.

“I saw that from the air and from the ground and went back” he said. “Be that as it may, this is what FEMA lets me know: ‘We go to a place like New Orleans and everybody’s looking around saying, who’s gonna help me, who’s gonna help me?’”

King at that point asserted the FEMA official applauded the general population of Iowa for helping each other in comparable conditions, instead of sitting tight for outside help.

Neither FEMA nor King’s office reacted to a solicitation for input for this article.

King in January purported to dismiss the “evil ideology” of white supremacism and white patriotism, however, he has a monstrous history of expressing bigot arguments, advancing bigot people and media, transparently addressing for what reason being a “white supremacist” is an awful thing, and generally flagging his eagerness to oblige racists ― who thusly have made his political well-being a need.


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